IRON MASK – Shadow Of The Red Baron

IRON MASK - Shadow Of The Red Baron
  • 7.5/10
    IRON MASK - Shadow Of The Red Baron - 7.5/10


Lion Music
Release date: December 16, 2009

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Dushan Petrossi is the main man behind Iron Mask. This Neo-classical guitarist, who has (not unfairly) been referred to as a virtuoso, is responsible for all of the axe work and production on Shadow of the Red Baron. This is very much a guitar lover’s album. In terms of sound, Petrossi covers multiple bases throughout this endeavor. He incorporates plenty of speed, and melody, into his work. The man can just as easily take on a more brooding tone as he sees fit.

Petrossi has surrounded himself with a solid cast where band-mates go. Andreas Lindahl has seen action in Wuthering Heights, amongst other groups. An even bigger name comes in the form of At Vance’s Oliver Hartmann. The latter isn’t actually considered the lead vocalist, but his presence is strong nonetheless. All of the musicians, especially Petrossi, put forth a sound effort.

As for the songs themselves, the speedy and raucous nature of the title track is sure to please most fans. “Shadow of the Red Baron” opens the album and might very well be the best song of the lot. It opens with blasts of machine gun fire and the buzz of tri-planes. This is a very catchy number and, at over seven minutes, has a very adventurous and soaring feel about it. Those with a fondness for pirate themed music, like that of Running Wild, and Swashbuckle, will get into “Black Devil Ship.” The passing of Petrossi’s mother influenced some of the more serious tracks, like “Forever in the Dark” and “My Angel is Gone.”

All in all, this is a very pleasing release. You have the occasional epic track, some of a more solemn nature and others that show leanings toward a more relaxed side. Throughout it all, the musicianship is quite good. Those that have a fondness for emphasis on guitars will get a kick out of this. Power Metal lovers will also get their metallic fix.

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