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Release date: May 22, 2009

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Ever since Heavy Metal was born, the answer for the question regarding who is the heaviest band of all was a hard one to determine. The reason is that you have so many bands that are really heavy. Without a doubt, even among Death Metal bands: Iced Earth, Firewind, Dream Evil, Morgana Lefay, and Mystic Prophecy are some of the most (if not the) heaviest Metal bands worldwide. The definition of being heavy is not exclusively based on who has the chunky heavy production full of distortion overkill; it also carries with it the banner of the quality of that heavy music. These 6 bands, with subgenres ranging from Heavy Power to Thrash, have been making music for a long period of time; music that’s entitled them to the right to get this recognition they deserve. Germany’s Mystic Prophecy, led by the Greek oriented dominant front man Roberto Liapakis, is a part of this heavy parade, playing Power / Speed that’s embraced with Thrash elements, and were members ever since they began releasing albums in 2001.

This year Mystic Prophecy hammers the world with yet another successful release, Fireangel, and they continue the wild pursuit after angels, demons and hell itself. Yes people, that is a fact, you do not need Black Metal to understand hell’s atmosphere. Just pick up one of Mystic Prophecy’s albums and you will have yourself a nice & pretty picture of the road to hell; a road full with good intentions.

Ever since their debut Vengeance back in 2001, Mystic Prophecy introduced the Metal world to the feeling of how powerful Metal music can be. It’s like if you punched someone in the face, hammered an anvil, or even broke a wall. Accept did it in the 80s (remember “Balls To The Wall”), Hammerfall tried to exemplify it in the 90s along with the successful tryouts of Iced Earth, Morgana Lefay and Dream Evil, and since the new millennium, Mystic Prophecy joined the hammer down of the world. The band’s music is ever-energetic, heavy riffed as a full-scale bombardment, along with being melodic. Also, let’s not forget a vocal line full of depth and melody that would make you go insane in amazement. All these attributes apply to the Fireangel album. Although the sound is the continuance of their last two albums, Satanic Curses and Savage Souls, and its way different from their classic album of 2003, Regressus, it still holds the band’s magic and talent, which is immortal, to produce classical outcomes.

Mystic Prophecy has a rather basic structure to their songs and they rarely tend to change it. Opinions regarding that issue can go both ways, but after hearing their albums, the fact remains that this band enables its music to fly through the soul without too many signs of weakness although its zealousness on abiding the classic structure of song writing. Their secret is the production of the riffs, the ultra vocally melodic choruses. You can just feel the Bruce Dickinson vibes all around. Their solos channel the warmth of a burning flame and above it all, the sense of tradition towards Classic Metal.

Mystic Prophecy, with Fireangel, are following their guiding pillar yet again, with their musical expertise and under their own terms, with heavy weight hits such as: “Across The Gates Of Hell” – A Classical piece nevertheless, “We Kill!! You Die!!” – Speed demon from hell, “To The Devil I Pray” – Maybe the devil is not something most of the people worship, yet after hearing this one…. Just kidding, a hell of a song, “Fireangel” – Another major pounder, “Fight Back The Light” – Tends to be 80s like songs that will remind of the glory days, “Death Under Control” – Is a wakeup call and back to reality, a Speed / Thrashy kind of fist, “Forever Betrayed” – The closing of this dramatic chapter, a great way to pack up this deal.

If Fireangel is the future, then it’s going to be a shiny bright one for us Metalheads. The lesson is: If you keep the fire burning for Heavy Metal, it will grant you with more of its treasures. If Fireangel excites you, check out more of the Mystic’s releases.


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