VARIOUS ARTISTS – Bang Your Head!!! 2007

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bang Your Head!!! 2007
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    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bang Your Head!!! 2007 - 7/10


Release date: October 1, 2008

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True to form, the 2007 edition of one of Germany’s, and thus one of Europe’s, biggest Hard Rock and Metal festivals, Bang Your Head!!! (BYH), is also documented on a nicely packed DVD.

Adramelch’s music, though not exactly remarkable but somewhat moulded from the steel of legends such as Fates Warning and Iron Maiden, isn’t entirely wrong either. Maybe it’s because of nerves, but their visual presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Sweden’s Wolf can’t be accused of stage nerves though. It would only make sense for these Traditional Metal heroes to squeeze out a live release of their own of some sort since they’re even more powerful in the live environment.

All the while stage props of headliners Heaven & Hell can be seen, therefore its a disappointment only a performance of “Mob Rules” from the Rhino release Live at Radio City Hall is the only trace of the gents on the entire DVD.

Girlschool is a fun listen/watch; pure non-frills Rock N’ Roll, no more nor less. Really, the only complaint here would be not enough close-ups on blonde lead guitarist Jackie Chambers; she is a fox and probably the best suited to enter the “catwalk” out into the audience of all musicians featured here. Displays of English humour evident, jokes about supposed bad hair days and Alice Cooper-ish makeup because of rain, are amongst the group’s treats.

More New Wave of British Heavy Metal galore; Praying Mantis is just one of the ill-fated bands of said movement. Serving a more Melodic approach than many of its genre counterparts, much of the audience here doesn’t seem too acquainted with the group either, nevertheless happily sings along to the likes of “Children of the Earth”.

Reactivated Lethal seems quite popular with the crowd, or at least material from Programmed; possibly the most Queensrÿche-like album Queensrÿche themselves never made, and vocalist Tom Mallicoat doesn’t disappoint live either.

Ah, the mighty Vicious Rumors! The band generates about an as uncompromising attitude as ever, whether performing latter material such as “Sonic Rebellion” or the vintage “Lady Took a Chance” and “Soldiers of the Night”, the impact is tight though its clear James Rivera, however great vocalist he is, doesn’t serve the classic material as much justice as his predecessor Brian O’Connor . Rivera has since, of course, been replaced by Ronnie Stixx

Evergrey, however leather-clad they may be, makes quite a contrast to Vicious Rumors and Lethal. Although the daylight setting may not be ideal for the group’s dramatic music, their popularity with the audience is testified by the attendance. Dark Tranquillity just suffer sound wise, while Viking Death Metallers Amon Amarth is about the only daytime band to present visual stage props, even if its as cliché ridden as fire flames.

It’s hard to knock British Rockers Thunder live; their music is made to be performed live in the flesh. Its real, everyday man’s type of good time Rock easily enjoyed under the sun and with a beer or two consumed. BYH goers share this sentiment as they sing along to “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”.

Age Of Evil is a very young band, playing New Age Thrash that makes up for in punch what it may lack in originality. Quite a tight performance, while trio Archer also gives a green impression but represent more Old School in direction. Meanwhile Mystic Prophecy is as generic as always, and Powermad gets the honour to be the band chosen for music playing in the DVD’s menu. The band’s stage presence is the opposite of its music which is quite powerful.

Modern Thrashers Mercenary combines shout and high pitch vocals which is quite common in today’s scene and thus predictable. Musically they rise above the average though and get a decent reception.

Classic Scottish Rockers Nazareth sure look old but their classic songs still Rock the ‘ell out of most bands just starting out. The voice of Dan McCafferty sounds quite rough and all the better for it. Meat and potato Rock music may go out of style but not out of perseverance.

German humour is displayed where Brainstorm and Edguy are concerned. Vocalist Andy B. Franck of the former pulls a Halford imitation (or is that Manowar?) and rides a small motorcycle onstage, while pretty much the whole concept of the latter is generated by humour and tongue in cheek-ness. Granted it’s not to everybody’s taste, but obviously for a great deal as Edguy acts as one of the top acts with full on stage production.

A documentary about the festival and it’s set-up would had made a great inclusion, and there is also not much behind the scenes footage available. Other than that, well worth for the festival goer for the memories involved.


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