THE POODLES – Clash Of The Elements

THE POODLES - Clash Of The Elements
  • 9/10
    THE POODLES - Clash Of The Elements - 9/10


Roseship Alley Records
Release date: May 20, 2009

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The Poodles chose the exact and right name for the title of their third album. The Clash Of The Elements name truly reflects the base of the clash between three main elements in the band’s music: Glam Metal, Hard Rock and AOR. Unlike the sleaziness that is currently flowing like water through the streets of Sweden these days, The Poodles, with this mixture, demonstrate maturity, good taste and many emotional touches without being just a hit production mechanism. After recording two new age Glam Metal killers, it seemed that the foursome group chose to let their hearts do the talking just like in the early years of Europe and Bon Jovi (before Jon chose to become a sellout for MTV). Clash Of The Elements isn’t here to shock and punch, it’s here to do some rock n’ rollin’ with amazing emotional motifs that will make you listen to your heart.

The Poodles’ music on this album makes it more accessible to whomever wants to understand and be more acquainted with Hard Rock and Glam Metal. Actually, it’s unsure what the band’s goal was when they created a somewhat lighter album than most of the material presented in their local scene and lighter than their own past material, however the outcome makes it a great listen.

It’s not that this album doesn’t have its heavier moments, you can catch songs like “I Rule The Night”, “Give Me A Sign”, “Pilot The Storm” and “Sweet Enemy” which are Glam like tracks yet still not with the same sense and intensity as bands like Crashdïet, Gemini Five and others. Their strongest songs are more like the Norwegian based TNT when they were in their time of glory. The rest of the songs on the album are catchy, like Hard Rock / AOR songs induced with inspiring power ballads, which reminisces a bit of the 80s. In a crazy way Europe’s Prisoners In Paradise comes to mind when spinning Clash Of The Elements, however not being similar, it’s the atmosphere around it that has several hints to that old classic.

Within The Poodles’ music, you will find a foursome of talented guys. The Swedes consist of a world-class singer, a master guitarist that does almost everything (from heavy riffs with the sound of 90’s Overkill to desirable and magical chords of purity which exist in almost every AOR group you will find). However, the bass player and drummer are very basic on this one, as there isn’t any true complexity in this style of songs. Moreover, the band, unofficially, has a keyboard man who takes a major part on most of their songs. The power of the keys has a major impact on this album and this fact is very easy to grasp.

In summary, Clash Of The Elements is very different from most of the Swedish Sleaze Glam Metal scene, it’s not a kind of “tear down the walls” or “kick out the neighbors” like piece. Many of the tracks on this showcase will pave a path to your soul. The best advice is to let them in and touch you no matter how catchy they sound. Everything you are looking for is there in hidden spots.

Highlights: “Too Much Of Everything”, “Caroline”, “One Out Of Ten”, “I Rule The Night”, “Give Me A Sign”, “Pilot Of The Storm”, “Can’t Let You Go”, “Don’t Rescue Me”, “Wings Of Destiny” (one of the best songs heard in Hard Rock in a long time, disregard the catchiness, concentrate on the lyrics in the verses and follow the message being conveyed right before your eyes – “All in the name of humanity”).


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