CAGE – Science Of Annihilation

CAGE - Science Of Annihilation
  • 8.5/10
    CAGE - Science Of Annihilation - 8.5/10


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Release date: May 22, 2009

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The time factor in Metal is something that pushes many bands to their utmost abilities. As for Cage, time is not an issue; they have been blasting their way into being one of the most powerful bands in the Metal world. It seems they did not have to push their limits to form neck-breaking releases. An early memory of hearing “Final Solution” from the Astrology album comes out again while spinning their new destructive tool of mayhem, Science Of Annihilation. These guys surely have a buzz for destruction, although you will be surprised to see that their music can touch in many ways and forms that not always channel destructive intent. Cage brings out the mighty unification of US Power Metal with EU Power Metal and NWOBHM. All these sub-genres combine with a fast gasoline machine of pure Speed Metal with tempos that will eventually cause your neck some serious damage, so don’t try to burn too much of what you want to live on for future releases. Science Of Annihilation is maybe a bit less than its previous contender, Hell Destroyer from 2007, yet it’s still a hell of a listen and an attack from all fronts.

Cage is playing a type of Metal music, which is in general not what many will call aggressive. Nevertheless, that is where people are mistaken. Cage are not, in terms of heaviness levels, as heavy as bands like Iced Earth or Mystic Prophecy, yet their material channels strong emotions, which are translated into a rigorous, fast-attacking music that blows away anything in its path to glory. Unlike many Power Metal bands across the globe in these modern times, Cage unleashes tons over tons of captivating melodies that apply the high caliber musicianship of its members. These enchanting melodies and amazing harmonies bring out bands such as Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Helloween, and many of the giants of Melodic Metal to the frontlines. Spinning Cage’s albums is like listening to the mentioned bands, but with extra doses of ultra high-speed injections; the fuel meter is unimportant to Cage.

Previous albums and Science Of Annihilation, with all their Melodic Metal display of brilliance, march on with one of the band’s upper level advantages – its vocal style. If you like banshee like screamers such as high class performers like Rob Halford (the oldest iron screamer in Metal), Ripper Owens, and James Rivera, you will fall in love with Sean Peck, if you don’t already know his works with Cage. Peck has it all; he can be brutal and assaulting, even sometimes frightening, with his demonic bursts he can also be soft, although it’s rare to catch him in this sort of form – if you adore a high-pitched combustion feast, you won’t need that soft form.

To summarize, there is another dimension in heaviness that Science Of Annihilation (along with other releases by Cage) clearly shows. The album’s music is strong, melodic, and insanely captivating — it won’t let go after you find yourself several songs in. The band is well-experienced and the guys perform in a top form. Their themes, such as tales of Sci-Fi, Hell, Religion, and Metal were transfigured into major, powerful anthems. The songs are rather simple to understand and you will not have a hard time finding the choruses or the solos breaks. The structures in most songs are plain & simple, yet this factor is not negative in any way — it only makes your listening a lot easier.

Highlights: “Planet Crusher” – In comparison to the song “Hell Destroyer,” it’s weak yet it’s still a remarkable song. “Scarlet Witch” – Sounds like a medieval tale, yet with spats of aggression. “Black River Fall” – One of the best in the album with great moments of melody. “Operation Overruled” – A track that describes the invasion in Normandy 1944, WWII. “Speed Kill” – Come and see what high speed can cause. “Stranger In Black” – The best song on the album; wonderful chorus and a couple of killer solos.


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