AIRBORN – Legend Of Madog

AIRBORN - Legend Of Madog
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    AIRBORN - Legend Of Madog - 8/10


Release date: April 6, 2009

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The Italian air battalion is back to attack. Alessio Perardi and crew are back after an absence of six years since the release of their second album, D-Generation. Legend Of Madog is a showcase of how Italians produce amazing 80s Heavy / Power Metal with occasional punches of Thrash Metal. On top of it all, they add shiny glints of Hard Rockin’ attitude.

After being produced by Piet Sielck of Iron Savior on the first two albums, Perardi has taken the reins of the production matters and with his band mates created a good comeback release that in many ways, is different from the previous albums. Perardi took the sound formula, which was made by Sielck – a type of sound production that provided Airborn with a sound comparable to Iron Savior and Gamma Ray, and implemented it with more depth. The material, like years ago, remains melodic, catchy and elegant, yet Airborn’s mix with Hard Rock makes their songs, and instrumentals, even more enjoyable than in past years.

At first glance, Airborn is just another European style Power Metal band, which runs through the fields with a sword in hand. Well, this perspective is quite true because some of Airborn’s material is a continued effort to keep up with a lack of progress after the long break. The album’s direction, regarding themes and lyrics, is to be expected; even the production of the album and its sound has some ingredients that are almost the same as the works on the earlier releases. Nevertheless, Legend Of Madog holds this sort of sparkle that was a bit hard to be found back then , maybe in a small dose on Against The World.

Throughout the album there is a perception of the classic years of Metal, it begins with, more or less, the main riffs and partial melodies and it continues on with the Hard Rock influences on the solos and some of the various riffs. Legend Of Madog is like a long collection of songs that Alessio Perardi kept aside for future use. With his own influence, he has succeeded on touching the listener, both as a music composer, guitarist and as a skilled vocalist. He was able to make this release a certified “Old School Metal” machine; however, some of it does not serve as highlights. The course of Airborn, if they will not take another long break, is the right one to follow through. Maybe their current style will not amaze or spin your head around, but it will make you remember how to create solid good old Heavy Metal and will award you with future expectations for their next release.

Legend Of Madog is not an out of fashion sort of album, it’s message is rather easy to understand and its music is kicking. However banal some of this material will sound to you, it still holds treasures: “Song Of Owain” – A great track to begin an album with, a melodic and catchy tune to enjoy. “Madog’s Theme” – sounds as if it was taken from their earlier albums, yet it’s more appealing. “The King Is Dead”, this one is a funny one because the music feels like a Hard Rock tune and the theme is more associated with Power Metal. “Little End” – A very good attempt on creating a short ballad, the acoustic riffs and the emotional solos are great. “New World” – The best of all the instrumental tracks, it’s very diverse and has the knack of getting Rocky sometimes (like a 70’s tune). “Enemy Unknown” – A heavy banger with hints of Thrash, in the case of the main riffs , yet its drumming tempo and solos belong to Hard Rock. “Something For Me” – Airborn’s gift to all Hard Rock fans. An excellent future classic. “Terrifying Manhunt” – Old Heavy Metal dance with a Hard Rockin’ chorus made of steel. “Peace At Last” – This one preaches for peace between enemies. With great melodies and fine lyrics this is an honor to have this one aboard. Closing with the Irish type tempo and chords marching “Glory Of Wales”, a joust with the heavy types of Deep Purple and Rainbow holding the flag of victory.

Airborn patched up a fine release, maybe they won’t go back to sleep after this one. Everyone should patiently wait for their next conquest.


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