THE TREWS – No Time For Later

THE TREWS - No Time For Later
  • 7.5/10
    THE TREWS - No Time For Later - 7.5/10


Release Date: April 7, 2009

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Don’t let the album cover fool you. By no means are The Trews some sort of a raunchy or sleazy Metal band. They’re more of a Pop/Hard Rock group than anything. In their native Canada, these guys are highly treasured and considered to be quite the up and comers. The group was formed by two guitar playing brothers. Colin MacDonald (also lead vocalist) and John Angus MacDonald were in their early teens when they elected to form a Rock band. These brothers were highly influenced by an upbringing in a “hippy household,” and this is apparent when listening to their music.

No Time For Later is their third full-length release and those that are fans of chorus-driven songs will thoroughly enjoy this one. This release will also be appreciated by those that look forward to hearing music with potential to be commercially successful. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if this stuff is played on your local Alternative or Active Rock radio station. It’s not unfair to compare The Trews’ tone to that of someone like Lenny Kravitz. They have energy in spades, but can also strike mellower chords as they please. One of the strengths of this album is its lyrical versatility. There are more than a few different themes here.

There’s no shortage of solid songs, and most will find at least one that they can get into. If you like tunes that make a political statement (and also make American policies appear questionable), there’s “Gun Control.” The title track and “Dark Highway” seem designed to encourage listeners to get up off their collective asses and do something about the more negative aspects that hinder them. “Paranoid Freak” addresses the way lives have changed in light of the seemingly endless terrorist attacks that take place throughout the world. “Man Of Two Minds” is the requisite song about relationships, and if you want something upbeat, there’s “I Can’t Stop Laughing.” “Oceans End” is the closer and has a very laidback vibe to it.

In fact, laidback is a good way of putting this album. The only instance where things get even remotely heavy occurs when “Hold Me In Your Arms” presents itself. The hooks on this track are pretty catchy and it could easily be a hit single for The Trews. While it’s nothing new or innovative, it has garnered its fair share of praise.

Put simply, this is a solid performance by a young and vibrant Rock group. There’s nothing awe inspiring here, but the group deserves plaudits for their versatility. In addition, the band sounds very well-produced throughout the release. Metalheads should steer clear of this one. It’s not for those in need of an earsplitting fix. However, anyone that likes Pop Rock will assuredly find a few gems on this release.

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