KADAVAR – Kadavar

KADAVAR - Kadavar
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    KADAVAR - Kadavar - 8/10


Punishment 18 Records
Release date: March 10, 2009

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When the “vintage” aggression of US Death Metal meets its deathly counterpart, the EU Death Metal, something good is bound to happen. Death Metal conquered vast territories in the Metal world, like a wave of rolling tank brigades, since the late 80s as its power mostly derived from the US scene. Only years after with more recognition, the EU Death Metal scene arose as a deserved equivalent to the US monstrosity. Over the years, bands from around the globe tended to share these two in order to infest their music with maddest, evilest and hardest types of Death Metal that will shock and grip its listeners.

Here we have young Death Metal, like many others throughout the world, which clinched both scenes and merged them into a heavily armed, destructive force of brutality. These Italian boys were named Kadavar (dead body or corpse in pure English). Originally, the Kadavar badge arose from the ashes of its earlier calling, Bleeding Eyes, in 2006. Under the Kadavar title, the guys produced the demo, Modern Visions Of Human Madness, which contains a cover for Death’s classic song, “Zombie Ritual”, an EP, Conjuring The Void that holds three songs that were also recorded for the year later debut album under their local Punishment 18 Records, the self-titled Kadavar.

The roots of Kadavar are rather easy to comprehend, as they are very much similar to the late British and Dutch veteran giants, Carcass and Sinister, and to giant US Death Metal juggernauts as Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Death and Obituary.

From the sound’s end, the production, made by Maurizio Ferrero at Kaomao Studios, is like a blowout in a minefield. Through this relatively modern sound of mostly New School Death Metal outings, Kadavar use their Old School manipulations. With the slight aid of present modernity, they create a violent machine of deathly down tuned riff chunks, some seriously amazing solos (on various occasions) and even keyboard atmospheric assistance that immensely showed why these people were called Kadavar. Some of the mentioned solos, which existed as consistent patterns on all songs, were a primary add-on that, sad to say, not all Death Metal bands in the present appreciate or have the capacity to create these prevailing moments of frenzied jubilation. Moreover, the small addition of the keyboards are a fine irregularity that do not always find this type of circumstance and are issuing bits of emotions to the anger and brutality expressed. Lastly, there is the striking joining between the two morbid vocalists, Evil Jeff (also the guitarist) and Luca Colucci (on bass). These aspects proved why Kadavar is more than just the average Death Metal act of the last period.

Kadavar is a fine Death Metal piece, even if it is still another drop in the sea of Death Metal bands, their mentioned differences from other acts are well noted and considered as impressive attributes. As this album is the band’s first major step in the world of Death Metal, their name will surely be on the rise for the years to come. Wake up and smell the Kadavar!!

Highlighting moments of brutal carnage: “From The Flesh To Sorrow”, “Behind The Storm”, “Global Collapse”, the great moment of truth of the magical outro and the intro for more horrors as “Mirror Of Lies”, “Towards The Abyss” (check out the great solo).


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