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    UNBEHELD - Dust - 7/10


Release date: August 4, 2017

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With the current Metal scene being so over-saturated with acts, both young and old, it has become increasingly difficult for bands to establish themselves and cut through the background noise of new releases. While by no means a perfect release, Dust, from new Progressive Death Metal act Unbeheld, has started off well in the right direction thanks to a crisp production, inspiring riffage, and all around high quality performances.

Reminiscent of Death Metal mainstays like Gojira, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and Suffocation, Unbeheld have pushed the envelop lyrically with a much more intellectual approach than the debut releases of the aforementioned acts. Themes of nihilism, existential hopelessness, and isolation from society offer up plenty of appropriately dark and foreboding metal lyric material while also pleasing fans of more thoughtful sonic poetry.

Tracks like “Dust” and “Destroyer” provide a glimpse into what Unbeheld is capable of on a technical level. “Destroyer” in particular features a number of Prog elements ranging from odd time signature experimentation to the use of melodically parallel guitar, vocal, and bass parts. “Vultures” contains a more straight forward, traditional attitude, complete with a satisfyingly shreddy guitar solo and chord progressions that border on Power Metal territory. The track also features some of the album’s standout drumming.

Dust does at times lack depth, both in the general tone and feel of the album, and the level of originality, but this is to be somewhat expected on a debut release. With another album or two, and further tempering of the chemistry between the members, Unbeheld could quickly rise to do battle against the mainstays and stalwarts of the Death Metal genre.


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