APE – Survival Of The Fittest

APE - Survival Of The Fittest
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    APE - Survival Of The Fittest - 9/10


Release date: March 10, 2009

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Originally, the band Ape from the city of Toronto is supposed to be, as they meant it to be, the next new age memorable Rock band. A substitute to others that the crowd might have forgotten about and a new promise for the current generation.

With the birth of the band’s second release Survival Of The Fittest, the message is out – there is a new and intelligent band on display and it has surprises for both the Rock and the Metal worlds. Just as the title says, only the fittest to stay will survive for years to come, just as the majority of the giants of Rock and Metal have survived over the last decades.

Ape, in its essence, are not just a Rock band, to be more accurate, they have Rock elements of the 80s and 90s, however, they use grooves of Alternative, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and even reminders of Speed and Thrash Metal.
On first listen, it would seem like if you are listening to a late 90s version of Metallica, yet this notion will only insult Ape’s efforts because they are the real thing on issuing true, varied Rock/Metal music.

Survival Of The Fittest has the ability to conjure the transformation between genres and subgenres in a flash without looking back, that is why this album has so much to offer for every Rock/Metal fan and whoever appreciates unpredictable and uncommercialized material. The main purpose of the Ape trio is to show all the genres’ fans that the love for this kind of music is not just a fling of teenagers; it is something that will stay and remain beside each one of you until your last breath. Of course, it depends if you let it in your worldly bubble.

Through the tracks of Survival Of The Fittest you can hear all the mentioned genres without even trying to point out what it sounds like because it will scramble your mind. The fact is that there are so many similarities to many bands in the Rock/Metal industry that it would be a complete waste of time. Every track on the list can be Rocky, Thrashy and most of all eagerly surprising when it shifts between kinds of music.

To enlighten here are few examples of great songs. First there is “It’s Not”, hearing its main rhythm will probably knock you off because if you can recollect Michael Jackson’s hit “Smooth Criminal” you might recognize what it’s all about. With this crazy rhythm there are speedy, groovy and even thrashy like hunks under the sly mood of Hard Rock. Second, “Beyond The Depths Of Reality” is going through the same idea, yet it possesses a massive rhythmic section of semi-Slayer like edges. Third, “Irate Primate” is an all out Hard Rock tune, however to it comes out Megadeth-like with tech riffs of the late 80s. Last one is “Friend Of Foe”, an Alice In Chains close relative with a pack of great speedy parts and 80s Hard Rock thrilling times.

Alongside these great archetypes travels other great tunes with similar and different influences to others. Survival Of The Fittest, as said earlier, is the most impressive gift to have if you are an open minded person. The music is flowing around and it will keep you hooked to it as long as the player you are using is on.

The state of Ontario, as the most important Metal state in Canada, is raising one of the highest potential stars in Metal and in Rock. It is safe to say that under the wing of this Metal state, Ape will flourish to yet another success of an album, their system works.

Highlights: All of them , the only weak spots are on parts of “So Lonely” , “It’s All My Fault (This time)” yet they are still grand tracks.


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