SOLNA – Eurameric

Ralf Scheepers
  • 8.5/10
    SOLNA - Eurameric - 8.5/10


CD Inzane / Wild Records
Release date: March 2009

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Solna is not about banging your head or moshing with your buddies, it’s all about listening to a melodic piece of music and enjoying yourself with no rush or pressure. This debut from the works of CD Inzane’s boss of China Blue, drummer and producer, Zane Petersen clearly shows that Hard N’ Heavy will never die and that you can use various Metal folks to help you with the creation of an astounding presentation of true greatness.

Zane Petersen started out this project as an aside from his major band, the Hard Rock China Blue, to create something different. The outcome was a melodic Hard N’ Heavy release in the vein of Dokken and late 80’s Hard Rock. Zane rounded up various “helpers” to make this project as it turned out to be.

For singers he took Pamela Moore as lead vocals, she served as a vocalist in Queensrÿche’s album alongside Geoff Tate and forming her own solo project, and the high-pitched German Metal God, Ralph Scheepers, the voice of Primal Fear and Ex-Gamma Ray. Ralph performs only in two songs in the album but, like always, he still can knock walls with his sonic talent. For a guitarist, Zane recruited the Italian guitar master Alex De Rosso. Alex holds his own solo projects and already released three records. In the past he served some time in the Hard N’ Heavy act, Dokken and as a lead guitarist of the old Italian Heavy Metal band, Dark Lord. As for the bass, Zane took Fabrizio Grossi, who also mixed the album, from Starbreaker and Steve Vai, Rob De Luca (Spread Eagle and Sebastian Bach) and finally Tim Harris, who was Zane’s partner in their old band, Malicious. For the keyboard’s section, Eric Ragno was the managing player and he is currently Zane’s band mate in China Blue. For a small role as a backup vocalist, Zane took Phil Vincent, who is a solo artist.

Eurameric can be a treat for all Hard Rock and Heavy Metal lovers. It’s got an 80’s vibes all over it with very minor modern effects or elements. The melody of the music is driven by a great performance by all acting members. Although the music itself isn’t a heavy, blow your head off or speedster, it’s still a magical listen and a great way to pass the time. Overall, If you like the old and new Dokken, this album is for you. If you like female singers, the one presented here is better than Madonna and all those R & B singers for sure. Finally, if you like heartbreaking solos and captivating rhythms, you are in the right place. For Primal Fear devoted fans, or the old loyal ones of Tyran’s Pace and Gamma Ray, Ralf Scheepers is showing that he’s still in his prime with two songs of screaming pleasure.

Zane Petersen wrote well-done material, although not every song is one to be remembered, but not even one song here is a let down or complete disappointment. After the mysterious intro, Eurameric is one with the Hard N’ Heavy “Blinded By The Rain”, who presents Pamela Moore as a true Metal Goddess. Along with a soft, sexy voice she can bring out some strong features of a fierce attitude and emotions. The song itself sounds like a late Dokken era hitter with great guitar work by De Rosso.

“Celebrate” is a celebration of Heavy Metal and the appearance of Ralph Scheepers. This one is not a Primal Fear number but it will surely catch your ear. Scheepers’s voice is better than ever with high-pitched singing along with De Rosso’s heavy riffs – an awesome track.

“Where Are You Running” is the best work around here with an amazing performance by Moore and crew. The one is less heavy than the previous one but it’s a true Hard Rock classic that will blow you away. It has similarities to an 80s Pop catchy classic but with De Rosso’s heavy guitars it’s a hit for every Metalhead or Hard Rock fan.

“Feel Alive” is where power meets softness and where two great singers make a ballad of sheer perfection. Moore’s softness and Scheepers’s sharp and strong voice collide with a magical anthem to create a sweet ballad of love. Some of you would see it as a catchy tune but if you listen closely you will find that it’s better than many others.

“Moment Of Truth” is a nice tune of Hard N’ Heavy with great vocals, this one is nothing special but has a good speed outbreak in the middle of it while generating kicking solos. “Woman In Love” is another heavy number with a bit more intense vocals from Moore. This one has a great “middle song” keyboard melody while De Rosso’s guitar puts out a tender solo moment. In the end of it comes a small groove riff with a finishing screamer.

“I Light A Candle” is the second soft spot in the album. This track is Moore’s lone performance with elegance. Even here Zane won’t let go of small double bass parts. De Rosso’s guitar work continues to be exquisite with nice riffs and solos. Keyboardist Eric Ragno is taking care of the atmosphere and with Grossi’s bass work this track is one of the greatest around – a true AOR classic.

“Sent From Heaven” is a call back to heaviness with awesome lead bass by Tim Harris. This one is an okay song which won’t excite some of you listeners but after a couple of listens it will ease itself in. The best thing in this one is the solo break with great drumming by Zane and De Rosso’s George Lynch ability.

Finally, there’s “Dreams”, a sweet ending ballad to summarize a wonderful record. The main instrument is the keyboards, which produce an enchanting melodic rhythm that keeps on flowing all through the song. Moore’s voice is just beyond great on this one and without a doubt you’ve got to catch her performance sometime. The second chorus provides you with rhythm guitars, a solo along with keys and of course, the woman of the album, Pamela Moore. If this song won’t make you fall in love with her voice, maybe the other tracks will help you.

Zane Petersen did an amazing job on writing, producing and picking out his team players. Currently, the guy doesn’t have a regular line-up in this project but he can surely get a recommendation from all who listen to this one – stay with the people of Eurameric, they are stars to be proud of.


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