DESERT SIN – The Edge Of Horizon

DESERT SIN - The Edge Of Horizon
  • 9/10
    DESERT SIN - The Edge Of Horizon - 9/10


Pure Steel Records
Release date: March 6, 2009

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It’s been awhile since Austria contributed such powerful Metal music. For 2009, the schnitzel country sent us the Power / Heavy Metal band, Desert Sin that only two months ago unleashed their debut album under that very name. The band is not that new, they have been around for 9 years. Only after 2006, they became Desert Sin after changing their name from Sick-U-R, which released only one album in the same year.
Desert Sin in its melodic style reminds of Gamma Ray, Iron Savior and even some examples of Iced Earth, but not as heavy as the American giants. Their affiliation with European Metal is noticeable, yet they put force into their music, which is not left clouded by too many bombastic effects, these guys let their guitars do the talking and the vocals to do the preaching.
The Edge Of Horizon, under Pure Steel Records, is a journey through distant lands and mythical places, it’s heavy, melodic and it will leave you with future expectations of the next release.

Although The Edge Of Horizon sounds like many other Power / Heavy Metal acts, the energy they keep providing after each song is something to recognize individually from other albums that doesn’t always give you the same excitement. These Austrians do not fool around (even with their frequent use of the keyboards); they unleashed some major heavy guns and well accorded songs like the blistering “Temple Of The Shadows”, heavy riffed assault waves of “Tears In A Prophets Dream”, “Ice And Fire”, “The Curse Of Mamulon” and the insanely melodic ”The Summoner” . Alongside these attacks Desert Sin presents more dramatic achievements such as “Shadow Queen”, which is one of the best in the album and a perfect candidate to the selection of true hymns of modern Heavy Metal, “Heal My Soul”, that sounds like a taste of something that was meant to be even greater (and much longer for that matter), and “Gothic” which is more mysterious and dark themed, but no less heavier.

Desert Sin chose to follow, musically, their Metallic German neighbors, whom powerful Metal music is no stranger to and it’s even one of their nation’s markers since their scene began to flourish in the 80s. The Edge Of Horizon is a classic to be and its contribution to Melodic Music should be highly praised.

The best highlights: “Shadow Queen”, “Temple Of The Shadow”, “Ice And Fire”, “Edge Of Horizon”, “The Curse Of Mamulon”.


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