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    MY DISGRACE - Rise - 8/10


Rolled Penny Records
Release date: March 5, 2009

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Metal and Christianity just don’t mix. That’s an opinion many in the Metal community share. They may not admit it openly, but even the most receptive of metal fans will automatically dismiss an album that’s given a Christian label. Chances are good that anyone inclined to feel an aversion to Christian Metal has never actually listened to a band like My Disgrace. Rise, their debut album, is sure to be a great pleasure for fans of this style and an eye opening experience for those that wouldn’t think of listening to Christian Metal.

This group, which comes to us from Nashville, TN, is made up of two good guitar players: Joel Price and Rob Young. Aside from being skilled with their instruments, Price and Young also share lead vocal duties. The rhythm section is made up of Paul Simmons on drums and Jeff Earle on bass. Both men do a great job of keeping pace and adding atmosphere to this album. My Disgrace’s lyrics are very much rooted in the Christian faith, but in no way does that detract from their ability to make great Metal. Their style is heavy and sounds pretty modern, but they are also a very melodic band, as evidenced by the stand out title track, “Rise”.

The guys address the difficulties that temptation creates in so many lives and the ways in which God has helped them. Do they also seem as if they’re promoting their religion? At times, they do. However, they manage to do it without shoving it down one’s throat. The guys are subtle in their approach. If they were too obvious, the album wouldn’t be at all palatable. My Disgrace is to be admired for writing about and sticking to what they believe in. When you’re creating music like this, it must be difficult to keep from seeming “preachy”, but they’re not as overt as other bands in the genre. Their music is of high quality and that allows you to forget any dislike that may arise due to lyrical content.

Both Price and Young are surprisingly good wailers but they don’t limit themselves to hitting high notes. They show enough versatility with their pipes to keep things interesting throughout. In addition, these two have no qualms about playing with aggression. The guitars are frequently crunchy, sometimes melodic, but virtually always good. Every song features at least one solo and all said solos are strong. If you’re a fan of Christian Metal backed by powerful guitars, this album is a must. If you’re not, but are still looking for a solid Heavy Metal album, excellent vocals, and reflective lyrics that’ll make you think, you should definitely give My Disgrace a try.

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