VOODOO CIRCLE – Voodoo Circle

VOODOO CIRCLE - Voodoo Circle
  • 9/10
    VOODOO CIRCLE - Voodoo Circle - 9/10


Blistering Records
Release date: January 27, 2009

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Voodoo Circle might be thought of as a “super group.” The band is made up of three greats from the German Metal scene. Alex Beyrodt, well known for his tremendous guitar work in Silent Force, is perhaps the main feature in this band. Pink Cream 69’s David Readman joins him on vocals. Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) is also a part of this project. These three are joined by relative unknowns in Mel Gaynor on drums and Jimmy Kresic on the keys.

There’s a guitar surrounded by flames on the cover of this album for good reason. Alex Beyrodt plays with characteristic fire and doesn’t let up. Anyone that likes guitar driven Metal will get a kick out of this one. David Readman does a heck of a job too. He’s got that eighties melodic quality down pat and fully succeeds in adding emotional flair to his voice when needed. The guys are backed up extremely well. Mat Sinner hits hard and in all the right spots. Likewise, the drumming is great. It’s especially obvious that Mel Gaynor has a great percussive repertoire when you get a few minutes into songs like “Kingdom of the Blind”.

On tracks like “Desperate Heart” and “Heaven Can Wait” there will be those that are quick to criticize Readman. He doesn’t exactly have a sound all his own on these two tracks. Namely, he sounds like that other well-known David, David Coverdale. The resemblances between the two are a bit too similar not to dock Readman a few points, but he still gives the sense that he’s putting forth his best effort. And that’s more than a lot of today’s singers can say.

There are several strong tracks on this album and different listeners are bound to have their own faves. Standouts include “Dream of Eden”, which has great vocal harmony and a catchy chorus that’s backed by Beyrodt’s hooks. “Master of Illusion” is another highlight, with more stellar guitar leads and vox that are laden with just enough emotion to not seem cheesy. “Man and Machine” stands out, not just for fast pacing, but it’s ability to make you want to speed while you’re behind the wheel (please drive responsibly).

The performances on all fronts are top notch. The sound is second to none. In short, everyone shines on this album. There may be some detractors because Readman is something of a Coverdale knockoff, but that only seems to be the case on a few tracks. This album is well worth looking into if you’re into Metal with a modern melodic / power feel. Hopefully, this is more than just another project for the band members, as it proves to be an excellent release.

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