SINNER – One Bullet Left

SINNER - One Bullet Left
  • 7.5/10
    SINNER - One Bullet Left - 7.5/10


AFM Records
Release date: September 9, 2011

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There will always be only one true sinner. Since German Heavy Metal began rising in the early ’80s, Mat Sinner has been rocking and chopping with power, and didn’t settle for less than high surges of supremacy. Besides being the mastermind of Primal Fear in the mid ’90s, he will always be that one tough bass player with a muscular-like Bluesy voice.

In general, this One Bullet Left release didn’t change anything for Sinner and his composing and musical writing style. Through the list of twelve tracks, Sinner exemplified his utter allegiance to the roots of German Metal along with adding a few elements that provide those Hard Rock strings the toughness they deserve. After so many years, you just have to believe that Sinner hasn’t forgotten how to create hard-hitting songs. However, by remaining a traditional Sinner album, One Bullet Left didn’t excite that much either. It contains some great songs that will surely make grab your attention, but it can be stated that a large part of the track list sounds too much the same – the same basic song structure appears often, and it just won’t let go. Of course, traditional Metal fans will probably initially like that trait, but after a while it will start growing tired.  Sinner still remains a competent song writer and even the weaker tracks and the repetitive sense of his music is still capable of sending shards of electrical charges to the brain.

Paying respect where respect is due, Sinner has his three guitarists rumble with exciting shred solos throughout that served their purpose well. Additionally, the main riffs show off by channeling the strong emotions that burst out by the sounds of igniting German Metal. As for Sinner’s voice pattern, over the years he turned out to become raspier and less high-pitched, but still he has been delivering that Bluesy voice with finesse. You will be able to ruminate about the album’s strengths while taking a listen to hitters such as “Atomic Playboys”, “One Bullet Left”, “The One You Left Behind” and “Haunted”.

Sinner once again touched everything that made him what he is today. Primal Fear maybe his most successful baby, but his own Sinner is the real thing that has truly made him shine for almost thirty years. One Bullet Left is a nice turnout for Sinner and his followers – it’s traditional, straightforward, powerful, ’80s-inflicted Metal, and in the end it should be sufficient for the needs of every true Metalhead.


  1. The One You Left Behind
  2. Back on Trail
  3. Give & Take
  4. One Bullet Left
  5. 10 2 Death
  6. Haunted
  7. Atomic Playboys
  8. Suicide Mission
  9. Wake Me When I’m Sober
  10. Mind Over Matter
  11. Mend to be Broken
  12. Rolling Away


Mat Sinner – Vocals / Bass
Alex Bayrodt – Guitars
Christof Leim – Guitars
Alex Schlopp – Guitars
Andre Hilgers – Drums


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