SLASHER – Broken Faith

SLASHER - Broken Faith
  • 7.5/10
    SLASHER - Broken Faith - 7.5/10


Release date: January 10, 2009

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With their debut EP, Broken Faith, the Brazilian Thrashers, Slasher, pointed their fingers to the wreckage of society on its inner conflicts and everyday life crisis. Following their American and European influences from the old school Thrash world, which harbors old bands as Slayer, modern Exodus and Kreator, Slasher took other influences. Those are steps outside the Thrash world and more into the modernized Hardcore boundaries of Lamb Of God, the late era of Pantera and other blends of modernized Metal acts.

Other than being touched by rather close worlds of music (with a father-son like relationship), Slasher’s material, with its high power poundings and heavy grooves, came as a regularity to the listener crowd of today. Especially when it comes to the new school Thrash roaming the worldwide scenes. Moreover, most bands of the same blend share Slasher’s musical beliefs. With credit to Slasher, at least they are one of those groups that take solos breaks rather seriously, thanks to the old school view, instead of just jamming only rhythm guitar sections with countless kick-downs and down beat boomings.

As their short Broken Faith progresses, it seems that Slasher are preparing you for something bigger, however with a thought forward, it doesn’t seem that there will be surprises there. Nevertheless, this band still thrashes, their discussed issues aren’t something of ignorance. For the thrill of it all, they still kick ass with some of their tunes.

Broken Faith is a four-tune number, starting with the presentation of the self-titled, “Broken Faith”. You can see that there might be something to look forward to on the future debut. The better comes afterwards with “Enemy Of Reality” and “Art Of War” as they are way better than the opener. The last tune, in Portuguese, “Tormento Ou Paz”, which means “Torment Or Peace”, sounds more like heavy Hardcore/Punk stuff and it’s even lesser than the self-titled. This track is not really Slasher, the first three will show you the right way.


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