ASKA – Absolute Power

ASKA - Absolute Power
  • 9.5/10
    ASKA - Absolute Power - 9.5/10


Vanadium Records
Release date: December 1, 2007

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ASKA; What more can you possibly say regarding this perennial favorite “underground” band that hasn’t been touted already from rooftops across the electrified globe? For the uninitiated: ASKA was born during the nascent Alternative/Grunge movement of the early 90’s and eschews the popular fad in favor of playing Metal music … their way. From their first release to their fourth, the band embarks on a variety of world tours that would be the envy of better established acts and nets them notoriety, credibility, two indie record company contracts, financial gain, and 37 countries notched on their belts to date and counting.

Impossibly, the band’s songs are added to HARD RADIO play lists – without benefit of label support – and the intrepid muses follow blow-for-blow with what can only be described as an unheralded classic of True Metal majesty; “Avenger.” Critics and fans of the genre fortunate enough to discover the band raise their fists in the air and rejoice. Metal Gods, both past and present, find worthy brothers-in-arms in ASKA. Their ways have not been forgotten, but are indeed carried on with pride by this Dallas-based construct of Metal passion and fury. Hail them without question as they fight their way to the great hall of champions and take their rightful place among the new defenders of the faith.

Absolute Power is the fifth album to be released by ASKA and it did not come without its obstacles, sacrifices, and basically your if-anything-can-go-wrong scenario it would rear its ugly head. Frontman and founder, George Call, had some medical problems, namely a throat cancer scare and had to undergo a surgical procedure to eliminate the problem. That was only the beginning; he also had to deal with the possibility that his singing voice and career would be gone. Nothing was 100% guaranteed. But, Call, a true solider in every sense of the word, was not about to let something like that keep him or the band down. There were also personnel changes that threatened production on the album, but the guys keep on with the ultimate goal in site: to bring another album to the fans.

The album starts off with a powerful song, “Long Ships,” which tells a story of the Vikings, their lives, their battles, and their struggles all while being at sea. The vocals by George Call are strong and gutsy and with guitarist Daryl Norton by his side the riffs are electrifying and riveting. “Her Ghosts Remains” is a hauntingly beautiful song and is probably the one that everyone is most familiar with because it was introduced by the band on their Myspace page about a year or so ago. So, to actually hear it put together on this album with the other songs makes it all the more worth the wait. “Message from God” is one of those songs that is just amazing from beginning to end.

First of all, when’s the last time you heard a song fade in? What a great way to introduce the song! The story is very thought provoking and whatever you believe there is always a small voice inside speaking to you. The special effect that is used on the chorus is just awesome! “What I’m trying to tell you but you just won’t hear me/What I’m trying to make it clear but you just won’t see/We can sit here if it takes forever/But you’ll always have my message from God!” Great lyrics! Great song! And last but not least, “Freedom,” and for anyone that is a patriot, served in the military, or just loves their country, this will be a song for you! Freedom is never free — it is always paid for by the blood of others.

Check out and purchase Absolute Power — you will be glad that you did! Check out too Avenger, which is a concept album and has a great deal of powerful songs that are well-written, well-produced, and are great to hear performed live!


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