AGATE – Noble Truth

AGATE - Noble Truth
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    AGATE - Noble Truth - 5/10


Release date: December 1, 2007

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Norway has produced a new and different band. And guess what? It’s not Black Metal, which Norway is most renowned for. If you’re into the whole Progrock/Metal/Gothic scene, Agate is for you. Formed in 2004, Agate proves to be an ambitious, determined band. They have many different elements to their music, adding acoustic songs with metal riffs entwined. Their album Noble Truth, released in December of 2007, is a great example of this.

“Noble Truth” enters with a strong beat from the drums playing along with the bass. Mira Birkelid (lead vocals/song writer/keyboards) comes in with her low vocals, which aren’t as smooth as Rune Torgersen(vocals/bass), who comes in soon after. Then comes a waterfall of flowing guitars with Rune leading the way. This song has sort of an ethnic and classical twist to it.

Next up is “Over You”. This track is very different from “Noble Truth”, but not in a bad way. It starts off with what you can only call a “gothic intro”. Mira’s calm vocals in this song fit nicely with the piano and guitars. This is darker than the fist track, with almost a Middle-Eastern twist at one point that reminds you of belly dancers.

“Part of Me” enters with a beat that you automatically start tapping your foot to. This track switches from foot-tapping parts to parts that just call for a good swaying heads.

“Impossible Love” introduces itself with a very soft piano and a duet of Mira and Rune. This is a much softer song, showing some variety in Agate’s musical capability. This song blends guitar, bass, piano and soft drums into a Metal lullaby, even adding a sort of unworried guitar riff.

Ever seen Inspector Gadget? Well, within the first 13 seconds of this song you feel like you’re on a mission, the muted guitar helps a little. But don’t be fooled by this interesting introduction. As soon as that’s over, Agate’s well known Gothic/Symphonic character emerges. This song doesn’t have any killer guitars or badass drums, but it still catches your ear.

“Back in Time” approaches with a faint guitar solo and symphonic keyboards. Mira’s voice flows much more in this song verses the other tracks. It’s sort of like going up a staircase, growing little by little. The bass is much more evident, allowing the Metal side of Agate show itself.

Mira Birkelid – Lead vocals, keyboards, songwriter
Rune Torgersen – vocal, bass
Jorn Heimro – guitar
Atle Seljestad – guitars
Andy Devil – drums, precisions

Agate has definitely given Norway a new flavor to try out. Despite the exchange of band members and challenges Agate has progressed and as they say “Agate is Ambitious and hardworking band, with both legs planted on mother earth, knowing that nothing comes free.”


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