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Release date: December 1, 2007

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Metal from Italy that sports a cover with a coach drawn by a griffin and a bat-rat-thing, but is not cheesy like so many Power Metal bands from the land of pasta? Yes, that is quite possible. Dewfall are an independent band from Bari that started several years ago and managed to record their first full length studio album this year. Currently the average age of the band is 23, and the album V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is not only impressive for the musician’s youth. In fact, it is quite astonishing that the band has not yet been signed as the necessary musicianship is there without a doubt, and the song writing skills are no less than that of many successful bands out there.

Maybe there is another reason for the independence of Dewfall. And if one thinks about it, there is one thing that may be hindering their success when it comes to marketing the album. The band cannot be reduced to a specific style. With juvenile enthusiasm the four Italians patch together pieces of whatever the Metal world provides to create a diverse sound and album which cannot be categorized. There is a definite Power Metal foundation, with occasional glimpses of traditional Heavy Metal. On top of it comes some Thrash Metal for aggression, some Epic Metal with a Prog touch for melody, and the vocals alternate between the clear voice of guitar player Matteo Capasso and the Black Metallic nagging or deathy growls of bass player Valerio Lorè.

But the mixture makes an interesting listen, and creates an album which does not become boring even after many spins. The riffing is excellent and breaks are well placed, not disturbing the flow of the songs but supporting it. Still, the album is not easily accessible. Upon first impression it all leaves no lasting mark, as so many ideas are squeezed into the songs that even the longer tunes have difficulty holding it all together. It takes a few more attempts, but eventually one will get excited and keep V.I.T.R.I.O.L. spinning to discover all facets of the heavy riffing, harsh shouts, melodic choruses and twin guitar parts.

Just take the opening song  “Free Entrance To Hell”: Starting with twin guitar leads of Communic or Into Eternity quality, which are interrupted by a Thrashy riff and fast drumming, leading to growls which find their counterpart in a melodic, clear choir that is quite catchy. This description recaps the first 50 seconds of the album. Oh, and the first break appears 15 seconds later, changing the course of the track to Power Metal including a skillful solo section. That may sound confusing, but should be great for Metalheads that can imagine a mix of Blind Guardian, Into Eternity, Bay Area Thrash and some NWoBHM thrown in, topped off with any vocal style the band could possibly incorporate.

Almost all songs are on the same level of quality, another fact that should lead to raised eyebrows when considering the amateur status of the young band, only “The Secret Passage” sounds a bit crude. Also, the production is very good, so there is absolutely no excuse not to get this album and support the real underground of sunny Bari. Contact the band and see how you can get a hold of the album, you won’t regret it.


  • Frank Jaeger

    Frank was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of Bavaria, Germany. He has worked in the games industry for more than 20 years, now on the manufacturing side, before on the publishing end. Before this, he edited and handled the layout for a city mag in northern Germany ... maybe that is why he love being part of anything published. Frank got hooked on Metal at the age of 14 when a friend introduced him to AC/DC. They were listening to The Beatles, Madness, and The Police, and he decided they should move on. Well, they did, Back in Black became Frank's first Metal album, and since Germany is reasonably close to England, they had some small New Waves Of British Heavy Metal washing up on their shores: Tygers Of Pan Tang, Samson, Gillan, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Sweet Savage, Diamond Head, etc. If he had to pick his favorite styles, Prog and Power Metal would be at the top of the list.

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