JUDAS PRIEST – Live Vengeance ’82

JUDAS PRIEST - Live Vengeance '82


Release date: April 11, 2006

Run Time: Approximately 95 minutes
Special Features: None

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Judas Priest were a pretty well-kept secret in certain parts of the world in the 1970’s, cranking out quality album after quality album, but never really hitting “the big time” in a fashion that was likely more than deserved. In 1980, with a new sound that would soon drive the coined term “Heavy Metal,” British Steel brought them overdue mass exposure, and 1981’s Point Of Entry kept the momentum churning. However, it wasn’t until 1982’s Screaming For Vengeance release, and the mega-hit “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,” that Judas Priest really became a household name in Rock ‘n’ Roll circles, exemplified clearly by the fact that they were now able to sell out virtually any arena that booked them.

Unlike today, in 1982, full-length concert video productions were far from commonplace … so the fact that this “first Judas Priest movie,” as Rob Halford describes it during this show, was even being undertaken was indeed a true testament to the success level reached by this legendary band.

Shortly after its recording, veteran Metalheadz may recall this Memphis, Tennessee, USA show appearing a few times on MTV’s weekend concert programming (when MTV actually played music, gave novel musical ideas a chance, and basically didn’t suck). Regardless, though, chances are that if you were born in 1970 or earlier, you actually caught this Live Vengeance ’82 Tour in person, as it was one of those “can’t miss” events of 1982, and Judas Priest also had great opening bands on the ticket as well, making this concert event truly something spectacular and special.

Since the announced reunion in 2003, Judas Priest has released both the Electric Eye DVD (included the Fuel For Life Tour concert video – which was in support for the Turbo release) and the Rising In The East DVD (supporting the Angel Of Retribution release). This ’82 show was quite different than those memorialized via those aforementioned releases. For starters, due to being on the hunt for mega-success, the band was overtly “hungry” back then, and the energy on stage was infectiously spontaneous and “raw,” if you will. Obviously, the band was 23 years younger at that time than it was during the Angel Of Retribution Tour, and it’s pretty interesting to reflect on how the band’s stage show and approach have progressed/changed over the years. For those who witnessed the 2005 tour, the most evident difference compared to 1982 centers around Rob Halford’s role on stage. Halford was far and away the main focus of both energy and showmanship for the band back then … whereas now that role is much more equally dispersed betwixt Halford, Tipton, and Downing. Some things, however, like Ian Hill perched stage left, grooving in a world of his own making, almost blissfully unaware of the rest of his surroundings, haven’t changed one iota over the years … and the excellent, serious-business musicianship of the band in a live setting has also not changed.

The picture hue of this show is a bit drab and dark compared to modern recording techniques, but both new and old fans of Judas Priest should still make a point of adding this Live Vengeance ‘82 DVD to their permanent collections, provided it already hasn’t been added via the prior purchase of the Metalogy box set from several years back. This tour and show marked the band finally entering their “prime,” in retrospect, and included a killer set list, featuring several songs that likely don’t have a prayer of ever being seen performed live again … songs such as “Bloodstone” and “Devil’s Child,” among a few others. Overall, this is a great DVD to just pop in and reminisce of memories long ago … a time when “True Metal” ruled the industry, and bands like Judas Priest were finally spreading their wings and soaking it all in after years of busting their proverbial arses trying to make a name for themselves.


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