WIG WAM – Wig Wamania

WIG WAM - Wig Wamania


Voices Of Wonder
Release date: April 11, 2006

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For better or worse, this album is filled to the limit with all the clichés from the Rock ‘n’ Roll scene of the 80s. Wig Wam are slaves to big hair, makeup, and tight clothes. It was kind of fun when they represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with their one and only hit “In My Dreams.” However, this second release, Wig Wamania, is not anywhere close to their first album. This is maybe a typical party CD with a lot of up-tempo tracks, but totally without soul — it is just too commercial.

This album is a spotlight of songs that Glam, the vocalist of the band, enjoys jamming while he is dancing around in his tight tights and putting on red lipstick. Not too impressive. This is like the Wig Wam hangover album, after the band’s giant success with their first CD, Hard To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roller, they have proved themselves right in line with this title upon this release. Their debut CD sold 38,000 copies, and the hit single “In My Dreams” sold 11,000 copies. Sadly, this album comes across like the members still are fourteen years old, and they probably would have been better off with some stronger and more adult music. It is a bit odd that men who are way over 40 years old will choose to entertain with this kind of music. Will this CD just be sold from gas stations in the countryside of Norway?

Part of the problem could be that Wig Wam may have not waited long enough before putting together their second album. This album represents childish lyrics and music, and it’s like they are the ambassadors for puberty. It is quite clear that their music is influenced by great bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and Kiss, the problem is just that they can’t match them. They have a long way to go.

Wig Wamania is a bit rougher than the debut. From a commercial view, this is a safe release, most of the songs are up-tempo and happy with sing-along choruses, and it is a great party CD after a few drinks. And, of course, they have a couple of ballads in good old Scorpions-style. This may be a good listen for some fans of the 80s rock scene.

Wig Wam is a Norwegian band. They were founded in 2001. All the band members have been active in the music business for many years before Wig Wam was born.


Glam – vocals
Teeny – guitars
Flash – bass
Sporty – drums


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