GLUECIFER (Live, Farewell Gig)

at Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway, October 14, 2005

GLUECIFER (Live at Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway, October 14, 2005)
Photo: Per Olav Heimstad

Gluecifer has been one of Norway’s leading Rock bands for quite a few years. They’ve also earned a reputation on shores abroad. Now, at the peak of their career, they’ve decided to call it a day.

Friday the 14th of October 2005, was the date of their last gig ever in their home city of Oslo, the capital of Norway. The keepsake posters and the sold out tickets said “Farewell to the Kings of Rock,” and Sentrum Scene was absolutely packed with fans who wanted to, for the last time, celebrate the band and its music. To everybody’s satisfaction, Biff Malibu, Danny Young, Raldo Useless, Stu Manx, and Captain Poon delivered a career-spanning set with tons of heavy riffs and big Rock ‘N’ Roll choruses … just as expected.

The three opening numbers were the three first songs from their latest album; the successful Automatic Thrill. Gluecifer then took a dive into the past as they spent the rest of the first half of the set exploring all the years back to their debut Ridin’ The Tiger. Then, the end of the main set leaned heavily on their last three years.

The live arrangements of the Automatic Thrill numbers were notably changed from the studio versions. A bit more lurking and sneaking, but nevertheless bombastic towards the ends and fully exposed in their Rock ‘N’ Roll glory. “Put Me On A Plate” and “Here Come The Pigs” were both highlights, along with older compositions like “Shotgun Seat,” “Black Book Lodge,” and “I Got A War.” The last encore was “Easy Living,” where Biff Malibu repeatedly (more than usual) sang “I’m done with the easy living,” underlining that the end of the band is partly due to his wish to get out of Rock and into “family business.”

Their final tour date will be at the Hard Rock Café in New York City on the 28th of October. Their finally gig ever? These days it is hard to believe that any successful Rock band that calls it quits will not sooner or later once again rise from their grave. The past few years, with an endless stream of reunited Hard Rock bands, certainly provides hope. Placing your money on a future rebanded Gluecifer won’t be the world’s most uncertain bet.


Automatic Thrill
Take It
Car Full Of Stash
Ducktail Heat
Get The Horn
Put Me On A Plate
Here Come The Pigs
Go Away Man
Gary O’Kane
Titanium Sunset
The Year Of Manly Living
Shotgun Seat
Call From The Other Side
Rock Throne
Shaking So Bad
Black Book Lodge

Desolate City
I Got A War

Easy living


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