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Release date: October 11, 2005

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With eight years and four albums behind them, Sevendust is a band ready to embrace whatever comes Next, which just so happens to be the name of their fifth album. Besides a new label, the band is sporting a new guitarist, Sonny Mayo, in place of founding member Clint Lowery. Mayo is a long time friend of Sevendust, who has also worked with Snot, Amen, and American Head (p.e.). Mayo seems to fit in nicely when playing alongside fellow six stringer John Connolly, bassist Vince Hornsby, drummer Morgan Rose, and, of course, vocalist Lajon Witherspoon.

Proving that change is a good thing, Next sounds absolutely amazing. Recorded before the band landed a new distribution deal with Winedark Records, they opted to record and produce the disc themselves. These wild-eyed southern boys from Atlanta have come a long way from their 1997 self-titled release. By taking the album into their own hands, they have proven they are more than just talented musicians; they are craftsman of their trade.

Sticking with their proven hard riff driven guitar rock, the first three tracks assail the listener with rapid fury. The hits keep coming on track four, “Desertion,” with a smooth chorus that will have the radio listeners chomping at the bit to hear it again and again. Both the writing and performance skill show real progression, and the overall sound is very dynamic and more accessible to a wider audience.

Be assured, there is no mistaking that Sevendust sound, especially once Lajon starts singing. However, the band has really taken their songwriting skills to a new level; the choruses sound fuller and more melodic, and the overall feel of the songs seem well-paced and deliberate. On tracks like “This Life” and “Shadows in Red,” you get to hear the real diversity of this band when they take everything down to a subdued moment, while still keeping that intense feel of the record.

On the band’s website, they discuss the time they took to make this record, and it shows. Lyrically, Lajon appears to have delved deep inside of himself to say something significant. The lyrics bring the songs to life and make a perfect statement from a band taking a new road to whatever comes next.


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