GLUECIFER – Automatic Thrill

GLUECIFER - Automatic Thrill


Release date: August 31, 2004

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Yes! This is quality! 36 minutes of fast, groovy, punching, kick-ass rock & roll! Delightful unpretentious, just styled fun. And 36 minutes, that’s perfect. Automatic Thrill is so cool that when the album ends you don’t want another half an hour with more songs, you want to hear what you already have heard over and over and over again.

Norwegian Gluecifer has been releasing albums since the mid-90’s, but didn’t get major attention until 2002 when they put out Basement Apes. Expectations have been high prior to their new album, and I really can’t see who they are letting down with this one. Though Automatic Thrill is more rough and dirty than its predecessor, it reached a top twenty chart position in Norway immediately after its release, being the country’s leading distributor of guitar riffs.

And it’s a joy ride! Songs like “Take It”, “Car Full Of Stash”, “Dingdong Thing” are all crazy strong. Believe me; you’ll bang your head. The single “A Call From The Other Side” is the most monolithic song I’ve heard so far this year, and before I die I hope to witness it performed from a mountain peak.

However, track 11, the last song, “The Good Times Used To Kill Me”, ends the album in an odd way. With a narrated Cake meets Crash Test Dummies-like lyric the song is not going anywhere till it’s a bit too late. You don’t want vocalists to read but sing, so you’ll get impatient. The previous ten tracks are so fast and efficient, there’s really no reason why the band should change the style within the small time limit they’ve given themselves on this album.

Earlier in their career they’ve toured with bands like Slayer, Motorhead and The Hellacopters. This time around Gluecifer will soon be touring Europe with the great Monster Magnet. Expect two bands with very similar way of musical expression. ( Follow the “Reviews”-link for Metal Express’ review on Monster Magnet’s new album. ) Expect rock and roll perfection! ( If there’s such a thing…)

(For related Norwegian quality rock and roll, check out The Carburetors and their debut album Pain Is Temporary – Glory Is Forever. Review to be found in Metal Express Radio’s review section).



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