at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, April 29, 2004

The only thing we’ve learned from Monster Magnet is that forty year-old women are more loose than those who are twenty-five!” said singer Biff Malibu to the large number of countrymen gathered at Rockefeller, Oslo, at Gluecifer’s first major gig in Norway since spending the winter on European roads as Monster Magnet’s support band.

Whatever experiences Gluecifer made from touring with the magnetic stone rockers, they sure looked very pleased about headlining their own show at a crowded Rockefeller Concert Hall in the heart of Oslo.

Lately, I’ve been using the word energetic quite often in my reviews, and there is absolutely no reason why I should leave out this word when trying to describe Gluecifer. There were no breaks in this show. It took the band half an hour to finish the first ten songs, and they were all good. No beating around the bush, no lighter-lit ballads, just all plain fast forward rockers. Gluecifer’s five CD-long discography was mostly represented by the band’s two latest albums, Basement Apes and Automatic Thrill, their two post break-through releases.

However, this is a band that fully has to trust the quality of their songwriting and performances. They’ve never made a dime on their looks, and they never will. This is one of the true and mature rock and roll bands that gets its success from never failing to deliver highly vital, skilled and dirrrty rock ‘n’ roll. Highlights this evening were the title track from Automatic Thrill, “Brutus”, and “Take It”. “Take It” was especially huge!

I have to add that the sound was extraordinarily good! I salute the guy behind the mixing table! The drum sound, for example, was the best I’ve heard live as I can remember, and the vocals and the guitars started good and became even better during the show. All together: STRONG!

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A Call From The Other Side
The Year Of Manly Living
Car Full Of Stash
Here Comes The Pigs
Put Me On A Plate
Go Away Man
Automatic Thrill
Take It
Shotgun Seat
Shaking So Bad
Black Book Lodge
I Got A War
Easy Living


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