HANOI ROCKS – Twelve Shots On The Rocks

HANOI ROCKS - Twelve Shots On The Rocks


Release date: November 29, 2002

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One of the truly legendary bands of the eighties, Hanoi Rocks returns with a big bang, or maybe we should call it an explosion?! This record has got to be a big surprise for a lot people. Out of the limelight (though never one of the biggest selling bands) for years, dogged by various problems and the trends of rock ‘n roll forever changing, Hanoi were but a distant memory of sleazier days gone by. It is with a big smile on my face, that I greet one of my all time favorite bands: WELCOME BACK!

You’ve been much missed.

I was lucky enough to catch their now legendary appearance at Sweden Rock Festival, and the band was just smoking! Featuring only two original members, Andy McCoy and Michael Monroe, they got the crowd going with a set stacked full of old classics, and some new songs that were up there with the old ones. They also released “People like me” as single, proving that Hanoi could still play and write rock music like no-one else. Now the album has finally arrived, and I’m absolutely delighted with Twelve Shots on the Rocks. Sporting a healthy dose of quality songs, attitude, energy and performance wise, the tightest Hanoi-album ever, Twelve Shots on the Rocks may be the best Hanoi-album ever!

Starting the album with some dusty riffing as an intro, Hanoi gets going with the fast-paced Obscured, playing to impress, and hitting us with the chorus, and making my feet tapping along with great intensity. Watcha want comes scruffing along, out of control (or very nearly) before the excellent single, People like me, struts by- a great sing ‘a long, with cool lyrics. Yup, we sure need ’em! One of Hanoi’s greatest asset is their ability to also write great ballads or what is also known as “slow songs” (Million miles away, Don’t you ever leave me, Until I get you), and In my darkest moment is especially touching, strings and soaring guitars, big piano and heartfelt saxophone solo from Mr. Monroe. Classic.

Frenetic and catchy Delirious are next up, and it will surely be another live favorite. A day late, a dollar short (love the title!), New York City are great songs as well. Winged Bull is the most dramatic song on the album, and showcases the arranging qualities of this band. Big song and a big sound. The rest of the album is filled up with a bunch of rockers; Watch this, Gypsy Boots, Lucky ( the weekend starts here- blast it the next time you get back from work- see: It’s real easy to get in the mood for the weekend).

Twelve Shots on the Rocks bows out gracefully with the heartfelt Designs on you. Enough said- get the music and let’s make Hanoi feel like the kings of rock they truly are and deserves to be. Here’s to another tour and another album. Thanks, guys!

Highlights: Twelve Shots on the Rocks


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