TEOS – The Evil Operating System

TEOS - The Evil Operating System


Release date: November 27, 2002

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The TEOS five-song EP, The Evil Operating System, is a bad joke. It’s a bad joke because there are only five songs, and there should be at least five more. It’s a bad joke because they are not on a major label, so most people won’t even hear of them or their music – not to mention see them perform live – until someone has the brains to snatch them up. You’ll have to settle for their EP for now.

You can compare TEOS to a few bands, and Tool is the most obvious, in certain parts. But their songs are more straight-ahead metal, and more focused. Take the opening track, “Immolation.” The guitars drive the song, and the vocals change from a death growl to sort of a The Toadies meet Soundgarden wail. Lead singer Eric Rossi has a tremendously versatile voice.

In the second track, “I Will Rise,” you’ll hear a slower, more melodic song that screams Tool musically and when you hear the line, “Take this shell from me,” repeated three times. In clinical terms, it’s a kick ass tune.

The bass line on the intro to the song “Control” thrums heavily as the guitars kick in. This song oozes major attitude, especially with lyrics like “My back is bruised and scarred from all the times I let you in,” and “My knuckles bleed from the walls I struck instead of you!” When the chorus hits, and Rossi is screaming, “I’m taking control!” you’ll be trying to figure out how loud you can crank it until your speakers melt.

The best song on the CD is “Bring Me To Life.” There is a brutal honesty to the song, and the vocals are surprisingly emotive. This song really brings the TEOS package together – succinct and professional vocals; a heavy, clear rhythm section; and guitars that are not overplayed but really stand out. These guys know what they are doing.

But, to be fair, the last song on the EP, “Tortured,” isn’t anything special. It’s rabid, with wicked guitars again, and you’ll be amazed at how the vocals are so easy to understand regardless of how Rossi sings/screams/growls, but it’s not enough to save the song.

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