JOURNEY – Red 13

JOURNEY - Red 13


Frontiers Records
Release date: November 26, 2002

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For Frontiers it must be the fulfilment of a dream, getting Journey on their label. Since breaking up their relationship with Sony (lasting since the early 70s), the speculation of which label they would go to have been rife. Originally, Red 13 have been available through their website, so I don’t know if Red 13 will be released in only Europe this time. Or if they will release their new material through Frontiers? Only time will tell. The expectations were high, as I received this disc. Not least because their last album, Arrival, was my record of the year in 2001, but they have always been one of my favorite bands.

Red 13 opens up with the instrumental; “Red 13m” quickly followed by the hard rocking of “State of grace.” It’s apparent that Journey want to be considered Hard Rock again, and not just a Pop-band with popular ballads. The time is another riff feast, with the band in fine form, and vocalist Steve Augeri shining through. “Walkin’ away from the edge” is another fine ballad from Journey, a possible radio favorite? Final song, “I can breathe,” wraps up this EP nicely, with Neal Schon once again providing great guitar work.

With Red 13, Journey prove once again they are one of the best rock bands ever. Support class- buy this! Highlights: Red 13, the entire EP.


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