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Release date: January 21, 2003

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Things have certainly picked up for Michael Monroe, these past years. A successful comeback with Hanoi Rocks (review coming soon) and this great new solo album in 2003. Whatcha Want is his best solo work since Not fakin it. The album features brand new songs, as well as a couple of cover tunes, including a stunning version of Leonard Cohen’s: Hey that’s no way to say goodbye. It has to be said it is still his original songs that are the best, and he must rightfully feel proud of this album.

Do anything you wanna do is spirited opener, and sets the mood for the rest of the record. Tough rocking Right here, right now follows and Stranded is a classy lil’ number that reminds you of Hanoi Rocks. Another cool riffy rocker is the bleak Shattered smile. Great lyrics! Or how about Rumour sets the woods alight or Life’s a bitch & then you live?

This is a great record, and Michael Monroe proves that he is one of rocks true survivors. Class is permanent

Highlights: Rumours sets the woods alight, Stranded, Do anything you wanna do, Hey That’s no way to say goodbye.


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