TED NUGENT – Craveman

TED NUGENT - Craveman


Spitfire Records
Release date: September 24, 2002

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It’s not easy to live up to the expectations you get after trailblazing European concert-stages, and delivering one of the best live albums ever. However, that’s the way things are for Ted Nugent, before unleashing his new studio album, Craveman, upon the world. Unfortunately, the songs initially sound forget-able, lack melody, and have too many cheesy lyrics (even by Nugent-standards). The only thing to cheer you up may be that the band sounds tight and Ted’s guitar playing has never sounded better… but that does not make for a great album.

However, after a couple of spins, the quality of the songs starts to sink in, as well as the intensity and the humor of the record. Finally, Craveman does arrive, and do yourself a favor and get it as fast as you can! From the gleeful opening of “Klstrphnky” (“Klstrphk” with lyrics – not exactly Dickens or Dylan…) to the beautiful and moody instrumental, “Earthtones” (reminiscent of Cat Scrath Fever‘s “Home Bound”), this album is pure class. Plenty of attitude and riffs, making the mood of the record terrific, and a must-have for fans of Nugent’s music. Hang on, better make that: a must-have for everybody ever vaguely interested in Rock music!

Highlights: Are You Kidding Me?! The sheer happiness and gratefulness of having a new Ted Nugent studio album to play is enough!


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