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Release date: July 25, 2006

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This is the latest GuitarZeus CD from Carmine Appice. Once again Carmine (drums/vocals) teams up with Tony Franklin (bass) and Kelly Keeling (lead vocals/guitar) for his latest project. This is no ordinary Guitar Zeus CD this time around. It is labeled as the Ultimate, and you will understand why once you listen to it. With a Who’s Who list of established and world-renowned guitarists who agree to play on here, one can only expect to hear some spectacular music. This CD does not let you down.

“Days Are Nights” (Ted Nugent) — Killer of an opener. Guitars are screaming all over the place. If it wasn’t already known ahead of time that the “Nuge” himself was the guest guitarist on this track, nobody would ever figure it out. Ted is either rejuvenated or he’s been a busy boy taking lessons and practicing. He is smoking on here and sounds better than ever. This song is so tight you would think the four musicians have been teamed up forever.

“Nobody Knew” (Brian May) — A slower and more mellow song than the first. Tony makes some incredibly beautiful music with his fretless bass — a very talented musician without a doubt. You can hear that the instruments are influenced a bit in this song and have some effects added to them. You can hear the fuzz in the playing, but it works very well in this case. Anyone reminiscent of his or her Queen days expecting to relive those moments through Brian’s playing will be disappointed. Not only does he play with a different style, you wouldn’t even know it’s him.

“Stash” (Stevie Salas/John McEnroe) — A definite Funk style comes through on this track. A very different, but interesting, tune nonetheless. The best part is the solo by Salas. Really out there … perhaps too much talent for this song or ahead of his time. The song could do with less of the vocals however.

“Where You Belong” (Slash) — Some nice guitar mixed in with the piano starts this one off. Oddly enough, the chorus has a Beatles sound to it. A guitar plays subtly in the background. Slash’s playing is not what one would expect, but he does a very nice job.

“4 Miles High” (Steve Morse) — No rest for the weary here. An attack right from the start with a cool bass line. A real kickass tune with some fantastic guitar work by Steve. A must listen.

“Gonna Rain” (Richie Sambora) — This song is definitely Beatles-esque. For those who aren’t big fans of the Beatles, don’t dismay. The song is actually different enough in that it has its own life. Not a bad song at all. Some good guitar work.

“This Time Around” (Yngwie Malmsteen/Doug Pinnick) — Here’s a combo you don’t see every day … Doug & Yngwie. Is this a King’s X tune or what? Not sure at first. It certainly could have been passed off as one until the shredding begins (not King’s X’s style). In this case, however, hearing Yngwie’s solo doesn’t make you say to yourself “here he goes again,” and it rather enhances the song instead of taking something away from it. Definitely top 3 material.

“Killin Time” (Ty Tabor)– Not to be outdone by his bandmate, Mr. Tabor is given his opportunity to shine. Never an axe grinder or shredder to begin with, Ty’s playing is crisp and clean. He doesn’t use all the different gadgetry or special effects out there that other guitarists use to influence his talent or enhance his playing ability.

“Doing Fine” (Vivian Campbell) — A slower-paced melodic song that is quite enjoyable to listen to. You are left guessing as to what this particular song is doing on this CD in the first place. Vivian’s solo isn’t overly flashy or busy, and he isn’t trying to steal the show. Just taking care of business.

“Under The Moon & Sun” (Mick Mars/Edgar Winter vocals) — Angry sounding vocals. You might expect a bit more from Mr. Mötley Crüe, with all the talent on here, one would think that this should be enough to get your mindset on a level that brings you’re “A” game. Instead, Mick gives an average performance barely even worth mentioning. Somewhat disappointing.

“Code 19” (Zakk Wylde) — Here’s someone who isn’t shy when it comes to performing. You definitely get your money’s worth on this track between Mr. Wylde and Mr. Keeling going at it together. Strong underlying bass accentuates this already powerful track.

“Out Of Mind” (Neal Schon) — From the opening note, one can tell that this is going to be something special. The dogs in the neighborhood are still howling from some of the notes Neal hits, and talk about sustain … damn he’s good! Neal certainly brings it on this one. This song might contain the best solo on this CD. It is that good!

“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (Pat Travers/Carmine Appice vocals) — Here’s a song you wouldn’t expect to be on here for obvious reasons. Carmine is no Rod Stewart when it comes to vocals, and brings a different perspective to the table. With that said, he actually sounds good on here and the song itself sounds good with him taking command. The solo part is one of the highlights and is worth the wait. Pat and Tony have this Bluesy/Funky thing going for a moment that just sounds unbelievable. Pat, of course, adds his own touch of pizzazz in his solo.

“GZ Blues” (Steven Seagal/Seymour Duncan) — This song has a real mellow, Southern Bluesy tone to it. It makes you reminisce and takes you mentally to a place somewhere in the South where you are hanging out on the porch or stoop with your buddies jamming for hours and hours. A little short… but sweet as they say.

CDs like this are great for the simple fact that someone who is not familiar with a number of the guest guitarists on it can have a chance to listen to them all at once. In this case, one gets to hear fourteen different, talented, and esteemed guitarists without having to buy fourteen CDs. This alone in itself is a good reason to pick it up. In today’s world and music scene, the names on here will probably be already known or heard of by mostly everyone unless they live under a rock. However, to say that not everyone has heard every one of these guitarists in action is probably an understatement. Go out, pick it up, and enjoy! You will not regret it one bit.


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