EDGUY – Mandrake


AFM Records
Release Date: September 24, 2001

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Finally, Edguy sounds like a mature band. I have waited three records for this, and though I think the songs on the last on, “Theatre Of Salvation”, were stronger, I can say that the fans of Edguy (and Helloween, and Gamma Ray for that matter) do nothing wrong in getting this disc. Edguy delivers nothing new, but they still write amazingly good songs. And that’s what matters, I think. Also, I might add that this is the heaviest album they have done so far (check out “Nailed To The Wheel”). Tobias Sammet still needs to tone down that vibrato singing if his, which I still find a bit too tense. But he’s on the right way, or maybe I just got more used to him after the amazing rock opera he released earlier this year – a rock opera that all have us waiting for part two. I wonder why he put even better songs on his side-project? Oh well, there’s room for both Edguy and Avantasia as long as the records are filled with quality metal, and they really are!


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