TRIBUTE TO AEROSMITH – Let The Tribute Do The Talking


Mascot Records
Release Date: September 21, 2001

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Bob Kulick seems to have a found an easy way of living, making tribute records to all bands that could use one, and more. If I’m right, I think this is the second to Aerosmith, proving that maybe it’s time to close the shop. However, there are more than a few great contributions here, starting with the great Jack Russell doing “Eat The Rich”, with Dio’s best guitar player since 1986, Doug Aldrich (eat the AldRICH?) joining in on strings. You may wonder why Jack Russell is first out, like he was on the Van Halen tribute, and the answer is simple – he rules whatever and whoever he sings! Joe Lynn Turner does a good job on “Let The Music Do The Talking”, also featuring a not so outstanding input from Al Pitrelli on guitar, just too anonymous. When you chose to play a song like that, the guitar should be all over the song, and the “once again and who knows for how long”-Savatage player is not that.

Tim (What’s my name?) Owens does a nice “Round And Round”, and even Doug Pinnick has his moments on “One Way Street”. The song selection is very second grade, simply because the best songs were used the first time around. There are even covers of “What It Takes” and “Living On The Edge”, and with “Eat The Rich”, “Angel” and “Crying”, this record pays tribute to the nineties Aerosmith as well. I always liked Aerosmith, but they were never highest on my list. Therefore, I enjoy this record pretty much. If you’re a die hard ‘smith fan, I am not really sure if this tribute will do the talkin’. See for yourself.


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