AEROSMITH – Just Push Play

AEROSMITH - Just Push Play


Release date: March 5, 2001

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Another Aerosmith album? It says so on the cover, but for fans of the band back in the 70s , and early 80s, this is NOT Aerosmith. Sure, they’re selling more records than ever, and they ‘ve gotten used to being in the top 10, and that is something that you can’t take away from them. But to these ears, they used to make really good rock’n roll songs, and now they don’t.

Best track on the album is without a doubt Jaded, and it’s a really great song. Just too bad there’s too many fillers here. The production is of course very modern, with “spacey” effects,loops and “weird” sounds, but the really good songs is nowhere to be found. From an outsiders view, it seems like Tyler, Perry and the rest of the band have lost their confidence.

The last albums have been written with a lot of different writers, losing the essential ‘Smith touch, and ending up with albums like this. Do they really need all those writing partners? I hoped for a return to former glory, but sadly got another well produced, patchy collection of songs. Too bad.

Highlights: Jaded


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