WARRIOR – Code Of Life


Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 5, 2001

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Oh my God! Thirteen years passed between this phenomenon’s first and second albums, but thank God it took super riffmeister Joe Floyd only three years to release the third album, with the most solid dose in-your-face power metal only Floyd can deliver. I’m willing to bet money on that the expression ”whiplash” was first used the day Joe Floyd was born. To be honest, I really wrote Warrior off when I heard Paramour McCarty had left the band, he’s without doubt one of my top five singers, but Rob Rock has obviously been told what to do, and he delivers his best vocal performance so far. He even sounds like the legendary McCarty, especially in “We Are One”, my favorite track. If you liked Bruce Dickinson’s two last studio albums, this one will bring you to your knees. The guitars are fatter than the Nutty Professor, the vocal melodies are fantastic, and the whiplash-factor will have you dialing 911. Get this, and get the two first albums as well.


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