TARANTULA – Dream Maker


AFM Records
Release Date: February 19, 2001

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Tarantula from Portugal make me remember why I started to like hard rock music. I always have my prejudice when I get a CD from South Europe, and I was expecting band wagon shit. Oh no, this is hard rock with catchy melodies and good vocals. The singer doesn’t even have an accent that annoys me! The opener, “Dream Maker”, is straight in-your-ear candy, and the next song is even better, “You Can Always Touch The Sky”. If you mix Pink Cream 69, Valentine (US), a bit of Dokken and Firehouse, you’ll have a pretty good idea where Tarantula comes from. The producer is Tommy Newton, meaning that quality is secured (and of course that himself and wife Melanie guests on the record…) Unfortunately, Tarantula have the guts to play music they obviously feel comfortable with, which you can tell from the record’s good vibe, so you won’t find this in the charts. It’s too good for that…


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