ELEMENTS OF FRICTION – Elements Of Friction

ELEMENTS OF FRICTION - Elements Of Friction


MTM Records
Release date: February 13, 2001

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A band? A project? I don’t know, but what I do know, is that this album contains surprisingly good and catchy melodic-rock songs! And some might say that is a miracle in year 2001… Well known musicians like Ricky Phillips, Robin McAuley and Tommy Aldrigde are responsible for the recordings, and the material has been written by some of the best songwriters within the melodic-rock field. Check out the writing credits!

Sometimes this kind of collaboration work, but more often, the record sucks and all you are left with are a bunch of famous names listed on the sticker, and the feeling that you’ve been ripped off. And of course you were… But this record is actually very good indeed, and if you are crazy about 80s melodic rock, synths, tear-inducing lyrics about love gone bad, you should do yourself a favor, and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

One man,one heart, Havana, King of fools, If your tomorrow never comes.


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