QUEENSRŸCHE – Operation Livecrime [Remastered]

QUEENSRŸCHE - Operation Livecrime [Remastered]


Release date: September 24, 2001

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Boy, does this live CD bring back fond memories! Queensrÿche live, back in 1991, performing their masterpiece, and true classic: Operation Mindcrime. The whole album! Though its been many a moon since I last played this album, I know every song by heart, and the quality of the songwriting still shines today. This record was originally released back in 1991, along with a video, but has long since been deleted. Now it gets a rerelease, with two bonus cuts, culled from the same shows, and the digital remastering treatment.

I’ve got no complaints about this new release, and I’ll give it a big thumbs up! I was fortunate to catch Queensrÿche live back in the 80s , as well as on this tour in 1991, and they were truly a special band. For those of you not being able to do that, have a listen to this, and find out about what all the fuss were about. Also check out the original Mindcrime album.

The extra tracks are a fine bonus for those owning the original box-set, as well as the newly remastered album. Got to have it, anyway.

I remember now. I remember how it started….

Highlights: I don’t believe in love, Breaking the silence, Anarchy-X, The mission, Revolution Calling, Eyes of a stranger.


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