JAG PANZER – Mechanized Warfare


Release Date: August 7, 2001

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Colorado’s premier metal outfit, one of US’ premier metal outfits actually, goes to war again. Jag Panzer didn’t play much after the stunning “Thane To The Throne” last year, I wish I knew why, but instead of wasting time sitting around frustrated, the band recorded the follow up, to be released only a year later. A couple of things are improved this year, the shredding guitar solos go more with the music, or maybe the music go better with the solos? The very epic backups are not overdone this time, but also fit better with the music. On the other hand, and this goes without saying any negative about the new record; I think the material on the last three albums, “TTTT”, “Age Of Mastery” and “The Fourth Judgement”, is slightly better. What am I trying to say here? Well, I tell you that this is a highly recommended record, but so are also the other Century Media releases from the late nineties, and of course the classic “Ample Destruction”. The opener, “Take To The Sky”, shows typical Jag Panzer – heavy crushing riffs and out of this world quality vocals. “Frozen Fear” is faster, and a true winner as well. My favorite is perhaps “The Scarlet Letter”, what a monster! And I can’t leave you without mentioning “Power Surge” as well, where the Tyrant shows the high pitch side of his controlled tyranny. First class metal, though I expected even more, this is how to prepare for war!


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