WIZARD – Head Of The Deciever


Release Date: July 30, 2001

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If you can count that far, you might already know that this is Wizard’s fourth CD. The Germans remain true to their style, true (again) heavy metal with capital letters. Every once in a while I can dig a CD like this, and for some reason, Wizard’s “Head Of The Deceiver” is one of those. Nothing new, lots of cliches and hymns, I still find this disc easy to enjoy. You don’t really bring it to a party and present it as the next big thing, but when you’re in the right mood, this will do. The vocals are good, as the singer is himself and not a Bruce Dickinson “Number Of The Beast” era wannabe. What’s wrong with that, you may ask? Well, nothing really, but so many singers in this genre try to be someone they’re not. I can’t find a lot to say about this CD, but check it out if you want to make your neck go bananas and you want to praise the scene!


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