DARK AVENGER – Tales Of Avalon: The Terror

DARK AVENGER - Tales Of Avalon - The Terror


Release Date: July 15, 2001

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The expectations were huge, as the last (and first) album was a power metal monster. On “…The terror” I can not find the crunchy riffs, but I see a band that works more with moods and vocal arrangements. The sound is not over the top, but still; there’s a lot of quality heavy metal to embrace. The singer works up a sweat around Midnight (yeah, it’s true) and a good shaped Bruce Dickinson. And in addition to that, Mario Linhares has improved his English since the debut. I see no reason to emphasize on special songs, this is simply good power metal all the way through, maybe with a little more epic sound now than last time. Also, I might regret holding back another point, as this seems to be an album that grows on you. I will for sure spin it again…


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