JORN – Worldchanger


Frontiers Records
Release Date: June 20, 2001

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If a singer can change the world to better place – his name is Jorn! This is the incredible Norwegian singer’s second solo release, a follow up to last year’s “Starfire”. Two of the best releases this year, ARK and Beyond Twilight, both feature Jorn, as well as the Nostradamus project by Nikolo Kotzev. Jorn’s voice is similar to sex – you just can’t get enough of it. “Worldchanger” opens with “Tungur Knivur”, a brilliant opener which title and lyrics remind about our forefathers here in the cold north – the Vikings. Then a melodic masterpiece follows; “Sunset Station” is just a killer catchy song, really something for the AOR fans. “House Of Cards” shows Jorn’s much talked about David Coverdale influences, and is another melodic hit.

The mighty Hellhammer is Jorn’s drummer nowadays, and when “Bless The Child” blastbeats out of your speakers, you know the man has input. Tore Moren on guitars might not have a big name out there, but he will after this. If I’m not totally wrong, I seem to remember that he played in a very cool Black Sabbath cover band that I promoted a gig with in my small hometown many years ago. And on bass you’ll find Sid Ringsby from The Snakes, also from TinDrum, for those of you with good memories… “Worldchanger” is more a band effort than its predecessor, and instead of showing where he comes from, Jorn this time shows you where he’s going, or where he has been the last few years; on top of the world!


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