HADES – Damnation


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Release Date: April 30, 2001

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New Jersey’s most underrated heavy metal band is back with their sixth studio release. Hades is a prime example that there is just no justice in this shitty world. From releasing two of the greatest classics back in the day, the band name still tells you what the band has been through to get where it is today. And today Hades crushes almost as good as in the late eighties. Fact is, the band has never sounded better on disc, the new drummer is a real vitamin injection – and even Ed Fuhrman has written uptempo stuff for “Damnation”. The first six songs are loaded with classic Hades, style-wise and quality-wise, but from there the record falls a bit in intensity. But Alan Tecchio is like whiskey, he gets better every year – unlike most singers out there. Dan Lorenzo is a unique riffmeister, and Fuhrman can really shred. Also, welcome back good old bass player Jimmy Schulman, with his hippie jeans… Do yourself a favor: Check this band out, get this CD, get the two first records, and indeed get the live album “Live: On Location”, a disc that never leaves my CD tray. Let there be a little justice in this damned nation after all…


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