BLACKEND – The Last Thing Undone


Release Date: April 24, 2001

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I don’t know where Blackend found these songs, but they must have been digging deep into Lars Ulrich’s basement to find the songs he thought were too weak to release back in the eighties. In fact, I don’t think Metallica were capable of writing songs this weak back then. This is “…And Justice For All” with songwriting skills on the far other end of the scale, and vocals that not that at all fit Metallica’s music. “The More I Lie” sounds like something off “Master Of Puppets”. I can sometimes forgive a copycat, but Blackend’s problem is; they sound too close to Metallica it’s not even funny, nor do we need anyone else messing with their legacy. They do it too good themselves. And by the way, if I were Lars Ulrich, I would sue these guys for sounding like Metallica!


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