L.A. GUNS – Man In The Moon


Spitfire Records
Release Date: April 24, 2001

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As close to the original line up as it gets, L.A. Guns return with their first album with brand new songs for a good few years. It feels like yesterday, but it’s been a long time since the Guns delivered THAT trio of wonderful records: L.A. Guns, Cocked and loaded and Hollywood Vampires. Records that are still talked about in a respectful way, by those in the know. Sadly, they do not succeed in creating another classic for fans of sleaze-rock. The title track kicks off the proceedings, and it is without a doubt the best song on the record. From then on and out, it all goes downhill. Still there are some decent tunes like the Oasis-like: Beautiful, and the rocking: Fast talkin Dreamin Dealer, but a few good songs doesn’t make a great album. And check out: Spider’s Web! If you own: Cocked and loaded, do you recognize the riff? What do they take us for? Fools? Only if you buy this album… Strictly then for hard-core fans of the band.
Highlights: Man in the moon


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