BEHOLDER – The Legend Begins


Release Date: April 23, 2001

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Oh yes, the legend begins, and no, don’t expect it to continue very long. Here’s an Italian band that tries to ride the Rhapsody bandwagon, and still claim to be original and unique because of the “great invention” of having both male and female vocals. The female comes successfully from the task, but the male vocal lacks the match and the overall quality. The sound is not impressive, the songs go by without much notice, and style-wise it has been done before. I don’t think this record makes Luca Turilli proud of his fellow countrymen. And what a contradiction in the press release: First, this is “far from the usual cliche of power metal bands, with original style, technique and symphony.” And then the story is about “Eilen, travelling to Lorengard, The Ancient City of faith, assaulted by barbarians.” I’m sorry…


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