SECRET SPHERE – A Time Never Come


Elevate Records
Release Date: April 17, 2001

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Well, this is just one of those rare Italian releases that impress me. I might be off mark, but I believe this is Secret Sphere’s second album. The first got rave reviews, and the band was compared to and hailed as the next big thing after Rhapsody. I never really saw Secret Sphere as likewise to Rhapsody, and I am not at all blown away like I was when I first heard Luca and the guys, but Secret Sphere has potential indeed. There’s catchy melodies if you want, speed metal if you want, and brilliant performers if you want that as well. And also the most beautiful cover, if you… The disc is divided into four chapters, and must be a concept of a kind. Too bad I’ve had enough of all the stories for a while, and the Norwegian distributor didn’t include any press notes… Secret Sphere will not remain a secret for very long. This band will go a pretty long way, as long as things are done right. So help them out, go out and get their CD, and send them to me if you don’t like them so I can do some promotion…


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