INSANIA – Sunrise In Riverland


No Fashion
Release Date: May 1, 2001

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You flip the CD around, and it says: “The power/metal Sensation strikes again!!!” Okay, I was never struck by their first album, I didn’t even know Insania had struck before. Whoever wrote that, and made them “strike again”, must be deaf, dumb and blind. This is ridiculous Euro metal copycat with lame song titles and music that gives you… NOTHING! If you believe Edguy invented heavy metal, this might be premature enough for you. I really don’t know much about the band, it must be Swedish. Oh wait, if you care to look close enough on the cover, it says “Stockholm part II”. Oh well… The first song is called “Finlandia”, and that is absolutely what you need to get in the mood after spinning this. I really don’t know what the three points are for. It could be: This is not Black Metal Swedes make good porn videos Most Swedes are nice guys…


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