HALFORD – Live Insurrection


Release Date: March 27, 2001

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On his way back to the heavy metal greatness known as Judas Priest (it WILL happen one day), Rob Halford releases a double live record to prove to the world his new found passion for metal. “Resurrection” was a killer album, and the tour was a great uplift in Rob’s carrier. He founded a tight band, with the amazing Bobby Jarzombek and Ray Riendeau being a worthy rhythm section, and with a couple of posing gym freaks doing guitars. Rob sings just as good as he used to, and the material shows that some of his recent stuff stands tall next to the Priest classics. Of course I would have preferred other Priest songs, but it’s always like that… The guitar attack lacks the unique magic feel of Tipton and Downing, but what can you expect. Bruce Dickinson guest on “The One You Love To Hate”, like he does on the studio album. The new studio tracks don’t impress me much, the Overkill rip-off “Screaming In The Dark” being the best of the three. A live album is always a gift to the fans, and for that matter, this album serves its purpose.


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