FREEDOM CALL – Crystal Empire


Release Date: January 22, 2001

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The “German” speed metal can sometimes get you sick, mostly because the industry gives a deal to anyone trying to sound like Gamma Ray, Hammerfall or Rhapsody. Therefore, it is rare when you spot a band that is the exception to the rule. Freedom Call returns with their second full CD, still mixing a bit of Helloween and old Angra, performed by great musicians, and with SPV backing them up, this can easily become a success. Freedom Call stands above the rest because they have variation, and their own way to create melodies. And there’s even cool riffs here, something most bands in the same genre never really cared for. A couple of songs are a bit too mainstream, but ”Freedom Call”, ”Rise Up”, ”Pharao” and ”Quest” are all classics. It’s about time to quit your day job in Hamburg, Mr Zimmerman.


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